Gentlemen spring is here! Whats in your closet?

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Gentlemen, spring is here! Whats in your closet

If you look around, you will see the unique graphic t-shirts, color vibrant kicks, and even some amazing tailored suites. This is what should be in your closets guys! Shop for the unique pieces that others wouldn’t rock. Even pieces that you couldn’t see yourself in helps with new creative ways to sport a new look.

If you have Instagram, which I hope you do. Follow the men fashion IG pages to get great pieces, and ideas. I have found that guys go shopping just as much as women do, and buy the same things over and over again. Same cut, color, and wash jeans. Guys grow to like a certain brand and will go through a period of time were you feel as though this is the only brand that looks good on you. Trust, the more you explore with your style the more you will attract different types of women. *wink*

Now don’t get me wrong go with what looks good on you, the fit is key! Just as women look for the perfect jeans to hug our curves. We look for that in guy’s too, but sir, if your shirt is way to small for you this is not cute or appealing. If anything take a sister, mother, or friend ( that is not interested in you) to get a woman’s perspective of what you are trying on and or looking for.

I mean think about it, guys like compliments! Face it looking good is something that men and woman try to do on a daily basis. Truth to be told guys have it easy, so the question is why aren’t guys taken advantage of the fashion world!

Try it! Mix colors and patterns this spring and see heads turn!